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k poloKamagra polo is an innovation in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. This medicine is designed in the form of a melting candy helping to digest the main component in a quicker way. The active component Sildenafil, thus enters the blood faster and starts its work just after the oral use. The form of this medicine allows using it without any liquid. You just place it on the tongue and wait until it melts completely.
Kamagra Polo is a generic medicine, analogue of Viagra. It contains the same active ingredient and works the same way but much faster than traditional hard pills. The soft taste of Kamagra Polo is liked by men. The melting concept of the medicine makes men feel that they do not use a treatment, but have a pleasure with banana, strawberry, orange or blueberry candy. There are other fruit flavors of the medicine from which you can choose. polo
This medicine provides the fast activation process resulting in quick positive results. Other benefits are: different tastes, easy digestion, and traditional dose of 100 mg and as ever high effectiveness of Sildenafil.
Kamagra Polo is cheap in price which makes it affordable for every man who needs an effective treatment for ED problem.
Among side effects of this medicine are nausea, stomach upset and redness of the face. Kamagra Polo is not recommended for men with weakened health and those who have other serious health problems.
polo2Kamagra Polo does not commonly cause any kind or serious side effects. Still a man should be warned about vision problems and hearing loss.
In case of serious allergic reactions or other serious side effects which demand immediate medical attention, one should get it right away.
Men who use nitrates for chest pain or other medicines which may seriously interact with Sildenafil should not use Kamagra Polo.
Other medicine interactions with Kamagra Polo are possible. A man should remember that mixing anti-hypertensive meds or meds for prostate with Kamagra may lead to dangerous effects.

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