What is my dose of buy Kamagra online?

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kamaSildenafil is proved to be very effective in treating erectile dysfunction or impotency in men. It gives amazing results even in men who suffer from ED for a long time. Kamagra contains Sildenafil and is a generic medicine, a copy of Viagra. It helps men to attain and keep durable and rigid erections and have normal sexual life with all the pleasures which he was deprived of when having ED.
kamagWith Kamagra a man gets an effective treatment along with safety and low price. This medicine can be found in every online pharmacy and ordered without any problem.
Pills of Kamagra are taken orally with water. Typically, doctors recommend restraining from food, especially fatty or oily, because it may delay the actions of the medicine.
Sildenafil gets quickly in the bloodstream, within 30 minutes and starts its work. So, 30-45 min after oral intake a man can stimulate himself to achieve the desired erection. The erection will be durable and long-lasting for the time until a man reaches the climax.
Kamagra is safe for men suffering from other disorders, such as kidney disorders, Parkinson’s disease and diabetes. Still, a man with other health disease should first consult his doctor about the use and dosage of this medicine.
This medicine is available in three main dosages: 100mg, 50 mg and 25mg. Some manufacturers of Kamagra offer only one dosage containing 100 mg of Sildenafil. This is not the problem. You can divide the pill in half and get 50 mg if you need.kamagr
For men with other health conditions it may be recommended to start with the dose of 25 mg. Other men can safely use 50 mg of Sildenafil. If you don’t know what dose of Kamagra is right for you, confirm it at your doctor’s office. Remember that the max dose of Kamagra taken once in 24 hours is 100 mg. Higher doses are risky, because you may develop serious side effects.
Many males lower or increase the dosage according to their general health and reactions to the medicine. For most men the best dosage is 50 mg. Trying to identify your objective dosage, do not use too much or too little. Follow your doctor’s advice or general prescription recommendations available with the medicine.


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